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All our testing is done in one room by the same optometrist - so no need for swapping and changing rooms or waiting for certain equipment to be free. This allows us to take our time analysing results and get repeat results if necessary.

The optometrist will check the overall health of your eyes and ask questions about your general health and lifestyle, along with relevant family history. 

We will use a variety of testing equipment, detailed below:


This is a machine you look into for the optometrist to measure your eyes to find out suitable lenses. You will be asked to look at a picture which will go in and out of focus. The lenses will then automatically be loaded into the lens holder, you will then be asked what you can see and which lenses make your vision clearer

Retinal Photography

This helps the optometrist look at the back of your eyes in detail. It involves you to look at a small light inside a machine which will focus on the back of your eye then take a flash photograph. The flash will feel very bright at first but your eye quickly recovers

Slit Lamp

This is a microscope for the optometrist to look carefully inside and outside the eyes. Sometimes different coloured lights are used or the optometrist holds a magnifying lens in front of the eye

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