Did you know you can wear soft contact lenses with us for as little as £12 per month?

Here at Adcott Opticians if you sign up to our Direct Debit you can benefit from a constant supply of contact lenses tailored for you, along with free yearly contact lens checks. As an added benefit you also receive 10% off any spectacles you purchase if you have been signed up for over 3 months.

Can I wear them?

With recent advances in contact lens technology, materials and solutions most people find that yes they can wear them. From people with high prescriptions to those that just need glasses for reading, there are lenses for everyone.

What happens in a contact lens fit?

You will need to have had a recent eye examination or a copy of an up-to-date prescription before booking a contact lens fit. This gives the optician a good indication of which types of lenses might be advisable. During the appointment the health of your eyes and the suitability of contact lens wear will be assessed. The optician will then have a discussion with you about your expectations from contact lenses; how frequently you want to wear them, how long you want to wear them for, if you want to sleep in them, if you prefer disposable lenses etc. Measurements of your eyes will also be taken to get the best fit and comfort from your lenses.

When the trail lenses are in store, the optician will put the lenses into your eyes along with some dye to check the fit. They may then send you away to try them for 30 minutes and if you are happy with them you will be taught how to put them in and take them out safely. Don’t worry – this may take a lot of practice to get it right and we will keep trying over several appointments if necessary.

If you are interested in trying contact lenses or want any more information, please call us on 01925 757075.
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