Hearing Aids

Adcott Hearing provide a wide range of hearing aids, tailored to individual needs.

We are not tied to any particular manufacturer and as such can pick the instrument most suited to an individual. This makes getting used to a new instrument much easier and the overall experience much better.

Types of hearing aid

Hearing aids come in many different shapes and sizes – they are not just the beige things you see behind people’s ears occasionally.

They can be small enough to fit completely unseen inside the ear canal; or sit unobtrusively on top of the ear, smaller than the arm on a pair of glasses.


We can provide (but are not limited to) any of the following brands


The price of hearing aids is dependent on many different factors and largely the lifestyle of the user. It is not generally possible to give even rough quotations without first having a consultation to assess hearing and the areas in which you are struggling.

A consultation is free of charge.

It should also be noted that people in the UK are eligible for NHS hearing aids. These are free at the point of delivery and require you being referred from your GP (most likely to the hospital). NHS hearing aids are not as technologically advanced as what you can get privately from Adcott Hearing, nor are they are as aesthetically pleasing, but they are an option to consider if cost is a primary factor.

"I’ve heard of hearing aids attached to glasses…"

We can provide these, though they are almost never recommended as they introduce many problems that would not otherwise be an issue.

If you would like to discuss them, please book an appointment.

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